Things You Should Know Before You Start Decorating Your House with Wood Furniture and Ornaments

a wooden house

Wood element gives warm, gentle, and welcoming nuance to the house. And as a house owner, having wooden floors, an aged-wood table in the living room, and oak cabinets will display how classy and tasteful you are. The way you decorate your home represents who you are.

However, wood is not a resilient material. It requires maintenance and has a life span. You cannot expect your wooden furniture to last forever. Therefore, here are some factors to consider before you start filling your home with wooden furniture.

You Need to Have a Good Air Circulation and Light Exposure

Moisture will be your ultimate enemy because it can facilitate mold, fungus, and termites to spoil the wooden medium. And if you think that placing your wooden items indoor will counter the risk, then you are wrong. In fact, indoor air is more likely to have mold spores. If you do not have a proper vent system, then you should choose metal furniture instead.

Moreover, natural light from the sun will also be beneficial to your wooden furniture. Therefore, it will be better if you place your wooden items beneath the house’s skylight.

The Rules of Having Outdoor Wooden Furniture and Ornaments

It is not uncommon to have a wooden deck outdoors. And you may think that wooden chairs will have the same level of durability and resilience. However, please bear in mind that the wood used in the house’s deck has to be treated with a sealant first. And those decks can maintain their wooden look because they get stain treatment every year. You can read this deck stain reviews 2019 for further info.

For other furniture pieces, you must make sure that they get proper weather treatments first. Usually, it will consist of three different types of coating: anti-termite coating, moisture-proofing, and varnishing. And if you want to maintain the condition of your furniture, then you have to redo those coating treatments.

It May Not Have Any Value After It Breaks

Unlike furniture made of metal, broken wooden furniture is tough to repurpose. Unless you have a woodcraft workshop at home and are experienced enough in that skill, then your option will be to sell it to wood-waste management companies.

Therefore, before you start purchasing wooden chairs, tables, and cabinets, you should check if there is a wood-waste management service nearby. Although wood is a bio-degradable material, you cannot throw it away as you please, especially when it has been turned into a big furniture piece.