How to buy the right perfume

Different kinds of perfume in bottle

Perfumes are a luxury a lot of people love indulging in. Smelling good and pleasant is something everyone would want for themselves. There are various types of perfumes available in the market to choose from that it often becomes a challenge if you do not have a favorite already. On the other hand, it is always advisable to change your regular fragrance now and then so that you do not become associated with a single scent no matter how nice it smells. Another factor to note is that you should wear your perfume according to the event you are going to. For instance, a perfume that you will wear to a formal dinner or a wedding might not be appropriate for a casual shopping trip or a movie with your buddies. The tips below will help you choose the right fragrance that is suitable for you:

Fragrance concentrationbottle of perfume

When purchasing perfume, it is vital that you become aware of the various concentrates
that are available. The cheapest and least concentrated alternative is the Eau de Cologne. It is then followed by eau de toilette, then Eau de parfum and eventually the most concentrated and most expensive being the parfum. The difference in price is determined by the amount of perfume required in order to experience the scent at its best.

Individual taste

You should keep in mind that everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to perfumes. A fragrance that smells wonderful on your buddy might not necessarily guarantee that it will smell equally great on you. Each one of us has their body chemistry based on the skin type, hair color, and other genetic factors. Our lifestyle and the environment we live in also affects how fragrance reacts to our skin. Always try a fragrance on your skin by spraying it on the inside of your wrist and then give it at least five minutes for the scent to be assimilated.


When you purchase perfumes, you should be aware of its purpose. Are you going to put it on when going to work? Will you be wearing it to parties with your friends? If you purchase a perfume for work ensure it is mild and not very strong but at the same time pleasant. The disadvantage of wearing a strong perfume to work is that it will distract others and might not be conducive for your coworkers.


If you want yboss bottle of perfumeour fragrance to last longer, you should ensure that you store it properly. Be aware that the most important rule of storing perfume is to store it in a dark, dry place instead of your dressing table or closet.