Baby Care Items For Breast Feeding


It takes a real woman to stand by her baby right from the minute she gives birth. The baby is an infant who knows absolutely nothing about the world in which it has been brought. It is, therefore, very vulnerable to anything and everything if not guarded against any attacks. This applies in particular during feeding; the newborn baby does not even know where the nipple is and what it is for. So the mother has to guide her baby through the entire breastfeeding process until it naturally gets used to it. A woman who is due for delivery must be adequately prepared, and some items must not miss from her bag when she officially begins breastfeeding her baby. We shall have a look at five of the baby care items that she should have.

Baby care items a breastfeeding mother should have

As a new mother, you should be efficiently prepared in all aspects including the items to be used for baby care as you nurse your baby. Five of them include;

Clinically tested nipple creams

Never leave them behind, be sure to carry them wherever you go. Childbirth comes along with a host of physical and emotional challenges that a new mother has to face. One of them is sore nipples, especially while breastfeeding. All nipple creams are safe even for the baby to ingest so don’t worry about washing it off.

Breast pump

holding up breast pump Technology wouldn’t be left behind even in issues to do with maternity. The challenges that new mother faces are well understood, and that is why the device called a breast pump has been invented. It is used in gathering up milk from the breasts of a breastfeeding mother. It is especially for use by women with busy and hectic schedules which involves leaving the house and coming back after a couple of hours.

Baby wipes

They can come in handy when the baby messes himself up after breastfeeding. In most cases, the baby tends to overfeed and ends up throwing up. Baby wipes are used for cleaning the baby’s mess because they are sensitive to his skin.

Cotton balls

Being a new mother doesn’t mean that you have to be under house arrest due to the challenges that you have to face such as milk leaking from your nipples. You can do with cotton balls in case you weren’t prepared with a nursing bra.

Baby oil

It is said to be a remedy for cracked and bleeding nipples that might even be a complete turn off for the baby.


carrying a babyHonestly speaking, breastfeeding is not as easy as some women make it look and sound, it does come along with a host of challenges. Believe it or not, breastfeeding can be fun depending on how you view it or what your take is concerning the whole issue.